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This team secures, monitors, and maintains all the financial aspects for the Division on behalf of the State. Forecast, maintain, and ensure we stay within the constraints of the budget for the Division which includes management of Federal Grants. This process includes but is not limited to collection of revenue and disbursement of funds to private landowners, contractors, Federal, City or County Agencies, Cooperators/Volunteer Fire Departments (VFDs) and payment of daily bills.

We continually monitor, enforce, validate and certify all employees' time, travel and business expenses to ensure they are true in nature and abide by all the stringent State Laws, rules, regulations, guidelines, as set forth by the Legislature for the State of SD. This includes our Handcrews and Corrections Crews hired from the Department of Corrections.

Work hand in hand with Cooperators (VFDs) across the entire state of SD when they are called upon for any emergency incident within the United States or Canada. For this reason, it is imperative that the Agreements (contracts) the State has with any of these Cooperators are accurate, updated, and not expired. These Cooperator Agreements identify the minimum requirements for personnel and equipment for that specific fire protection unit as well as identifying additional handbooks such as: the Interagency Incident Business Management Handbook(IBMH), IBMH Supplements and rules that must be adhered to and provide guidance for business management while on incidents. These agreements also identify current personnel wages, equipment rates, and proper documentation required for reimbursement from the State for their expense of responding to these emergency incidents.

Once any resource or group of resources (VFD's or single resources) have completed their duty assignment, upon arrival back to home unit, if eligible, a cost statement with all supporting documentation is submitted to the state for reimbursement of expenses. After an incident has been deemed closed and the jurisdictional agency has been identified, SD will bill that particular agency in accordance with the most current Cooperative Fire Management Agreement (guidelines between other Federal Agencies and the State of SD) for all allowable reimbursable costs incurred by the state.


Fire Finance Business Office
Phone: (605) 393-8011
Fax: (605) 393-8044

Brenda Even
Division Finance Officer
Office: (605) 393-8115

Samantha Vadnais
Fire Business Accountant
Office: (605) 393-8157

Cheryl Greenfield
Accounting Assistant
Office: (605) 393-8081


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