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Volunteer Fire Department Assistance

The Volunteer Fire Department Assistance segment of the South Dakota Wildland Fire Divison assists the rural fire departments of South Dakota in obtaining equipment, supplies, and grant funding needed to provide protection for their communities. This is done through programs provided by agreements with the US Forest Service and the Defense Logistics Agency.

Volunteer Fire Assistance Grants (VFA Grants)
Federal Excess Personal Property (FEPP)

Ordering Fire Equipment and Supplies

Through agreements with the US Forest Service and the Defense Logistics Agency, the South Dakota Division of Wildland Fire is able to purchase fire supplies and equipment off federal contracts for the fire departments throughout South Dakota. This affords the fire departments the opportunity to purchase needed items at a substantial savings.

More Information can be found here, or by calling: Tamara Dierks at 605.393.4229.

Fire Reporting

To report a wildland fire online, please follow the link below:

Please DO NOT submit a postcard for incidents reported online. This will result in a duplicate report.

For further information regarding online fire reporting, please contact the State Fire Marshal’s Office.

Training: Frequently asked Questions

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