To open a task book, the Fire Department Chief or Training Coordinator of the Volunteer Fire Department needs to send an email to the SDWF Training and Aviation Program Manager to request that a task book be opened. Things that need to be included in the request:

Department name
Firefighter full name (First, Middle, Last)
Phone Number for Department or Contact
Task Book/Position Requested
Mailing Address for Task Book to be returned

Things to consider prior to request:

-Does the firefighter have the required training completed (see the PMS 310-1)?
-Does the firefighter have more than three open task books?  If so, is the new task book being  requested in a different functional area? 

- Only three task books can be open in one functional area ( Plans, Operations, Finance, Logistics, Command, Aviation, etc.) at a time.  However, more than three task books can be open if they are in different functional areas.

- Is it the next task book in succession?
- Does the firefighter have the time available to complete the task book within the 3 year period?


Do and Don'ts:




Submitting a Task Book:

When you think your task book is ready for submittal please send a copy (or the original if you prefer) to the SDWF Training and Aviation Program Manager at 3305 W South St, Rapid City, SD  57702.  The task book committee meets at least once a month to go through task books and make determinations on their certifications.  Once this is done, you will be notified by the SDWF Training and Aviation Program Manager as to the status of your task book (certified or further action needed).


Contact Tamara Dierks, SDWF Training and Aviation Program Manager for more information at 605-393-4229.

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