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The Division has 10 separate but interdependent program functions that address fire management and suppression. Each program function represents a specific management need but is dependent and impacted by the other program functions. None of the program functions can stand-alone and still meet the responsibilities of the Division as defined by State Law.

The 10 functional program areas are:

  •   1. Fire Suppression
  •   2. Prescribed Fire
  •   3. Wildland Fire Training
  •   4. Fire Aviation Support
  •   5. Fire Management
  •   6. Hazardous Fuels Mitigation
  •   7. Volunteer Fire Assistance
  •   8. Federal Excess Personal Property (FEPP) and Firefighter Property (FFP)
  •   9. Dispatch
  • 10. Fire Prevention

Each program area supports the functions of the others and vice versa. Changes in any one area directly impacts all areas.


2022 Seasonal Picnic


2021 Seasonal Picnic
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