Volunteer Fire Department Assistance

2023 FedMall orders through SDWF will end October 1. Orders will resume on January 1, 2024.

South Dakota Wildland Fire assists rural fire departments in South Dakota with obtaining equipment, supplies, and grant funding to provide protection for their communities.

Through agreements with the US Forest Service and the Defense Logistics Agency, we are able to purchase fire supplies and equipment from federal contracts. This service provides fire departments the opportunity to purchase items at a substantial savings.

For more information, please contact Brady Rothschadl a605-593-7460 (direct) or

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It has come to our attention that the following items are on backorder with due dates varying from late 2023 to mid-2024.


NFES number 0925 - Fire Shelter Complete Set, Regular Size (due in late December/January)

NFES number 0975 - Fire Shelter Complete Set, Large Size (due in late April through October)

NFES number 0926 - Fire Shelter Only, Regular Size (due in January to April 2024)

NFES number 0973 - Fire Shelter Only, Large Size (due in April through October)


We advise that you consult with Brady Rothschadl on current availability before adding to your FedMall order.  These timeframes are very flexible and can change at moment's notice.  For VFDs wanting to purchase these through the VFA grant, all items must be in hand when turning in paperwork for reimbursement; it is not advisable to wait for the backorder to come through. 


For questions or concerns, please contact Brady Rothschadl at



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