Strategic Plan


Through effort and actions, we will be leaders in fire to enhance public safety by increasing the management capabilities of the South Dakota Wildland Fire Division within the State of South Dakota.

Mission Statement

The mission of the South Dakota Wildland Fire Division is to provide protection for resources and the public that we serve from wildland fire.


  • Safety - Firefighter and public safety is the first priority in all wildland fire activities.

  • Customer Service - Provide exceptional customer service by treating customers the way we want to be treated.

  • Integrity - Professionalism, teamwork, and the highest standard of ethics.

  • Leadership - Employee participation in decision making.

  • Communication - Provide an inclusive environment that is open to sharing new ideas and constructive debate.

  • Performance - Be flexible but work hard with a focus on job accomplishment.

  • Chain of Command - Resolve a problem at the right level at the right time.

  • Personal Priorities - Maintain a healthy balance between personal life and work.

  • Risk Management - Balance between values at risk and cost.

  • Cost Effectiveness - The wise and efficient use of funds is a high priority.

  • Interagency - Interagency cooperation and collaboration are vital to the effective and efficient use of management resources.

  • Mentoring - Recognize future leaders and develop them to their full potential.

  • Visionary - Anticipate and plan for the future.

  • Health and Fitness - A healthy workforce is efficient and effective.

  • Science and Technology - Research, embrace and utilize the most current technology available.
  • Goals

  • - Lead a safe, efficient, and effective fire management program.

  • - Recruit, develop, and retain a diverse, highly effective, and motivated workforce.

  • - Reduce wildland fire threats to communities' infrastructure.

  • - Initiate and maintain strong interdisciplinary and interagency partnerships.

  • - Coordinate with federal and local land management partners in landscape scale hazard reduction treatments.
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